Sep 102011

No real reason for posting this other than the obvious. Great technique and superb balance!

Actually this girl really can fish and has an excellent YouTube channel under the handle meechfish

Rod is an Orvis Helios and fly fishing geeks should have a listen to the Orvis fly-fishing podcast. Its a favorite of mine.

Aug 252011

The most useful thing I learned during my trout excursion to the Central North Island. Takes a bit of practice but really handy for cast into those tight corners.

Video is off courtesy of the talented team at On the fly. Fly Fishing is part art and part science – and as such, bloody near impossible to learn on you own so do yourself a favour and check out their website.

Aug 242011

Just returned from four days fishing the streams around the legendary Lake Taupo. Spent time on the Tongariro, Taupo-Tauranga and Waitahanui rivers. The river fishing was tough due to a lack of rain but the stream mouth fishing was excellent particularly on the Tauranga-Taupo. Caught fish on white boobies and neon smelt but orange muppets were the best fished retrieved slowing across the bottom on a shooting head.

Also spent a day with top guide Brett Cameron on the Waitahanui. Cheers Brett, I learnt more about nymphing techniques in an hour than I could in 2 years on my own.

Check out Brett’s promo vid. He’s worth the price. – Central Plateau Fishing Taupo New Zealand

Aug 162011

Beautiful vid that was doing the rounds a couple of years ago. Apparently certain seasonal conditions in Fiordland create a bumper beech seed crop resulting in a population explosive of mice. The trout go crazy on the mice and you have some of the finest and most spectacular sight fishing one could ever experience.

Heading down to the central plateau for a few “man” days myself this week. Probably won’t see this kind of action but can’t wait regardless.